Latvian association SUNRICE.LV works more than 7 years. It has wide experience in the existential psychological direction, which is the most effective and successful for person throughout life.

SUNRICE.LV team is trained in the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in Vienna (Austria), the director of which is professor, PhD, MD, president of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-International) in Vienna, Alfried Langle.

A highly professional team of psychologists, teachers and counselors offers counseling, training programs, seminars:

  • for professional and personal growth, prevention of burnout,
  • we train in the psychology of management staff from different administrative levels,
  • we work with teams on teambuilding issues and on creating of a favorable climate in the team,
  • we educate and advise adult children about old age support.

We create programs and workshops for specific audiences, for example, bases of management psychology for managers of the bank, for the prevention of burnout and stress management for teachers, working with children with behavioral problems, seminars about old-age support and others.

Our specialists are experts in the field of psychology. We have experience in working with different age groups, including a lot of experience working with age group after 70.

Employees of the public organization “SUNRICE” are the experts of the International, Independent Federation, of Latvian Association of Independent Experts, members of the Latvian Association of Practicing psychologists.